Research has shown that a person’s Life-Balance has a huge impact on their happiness.  If one area of your life is not in balance, this can diminish your ability to remain truly happy in your other life areas.   This is not to say that we are all alike!   This is a unique balance that is fit especially for you, and is completely subjective.  Someone who is more introverted may require less social interaction than someone who is an extrovert.  What this survey does is rate YOUR level of satisfaction in these areas.  This is something that only you can determine.  There are seven particular areas of interest, and each section has 10 questions.      Just use the slider after each question to indicate your disagreement, or agreement with each statement.   To the left (the starting position), is “DISAGREE COMPLETELY“,  and moving your slider all the way to the right would indicate that you “AGREE COMPLETELY “.

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