Some History

A friend once told me that I was what is known as a "Dream-Revealer", as I consistently help others identify their dreams, and then turn those dreams into reality. As it turns out, that is my purpose!  I was coaching people individually, and not making the real impact that I had envisioned when I started.  I had helped others discover their purpose and start or grow their businesses, but I hadn't spent any time doing that for myself! I began working on a plan to help more people than I could help one-on-one, and began designing "Purpose Tracking", a series of questionnaires that can lead people to identifying their purpose, and begin making those dreams come true.

I am currently engaged in creating courses, tools, and products that will enable my clients to take their businesses to the next level, and realizing greater success and contentment in their own endeavors.


A Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach (CTACC), pursuing International Coach Federation (ICF) certification. Trained in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (Achology),  I am a skilled practitioner who approaches every client without judgement. I'm constantly enhancing my skills with additional specialized training, and an ICF global member.

My Mission

To assist Christian Professionals in identifying their true purpose in life, helping turn that purpose into a business that shares those gifts with the world, and helping to ensure successful operation and growth of that business.

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