I’ve been totally secluded in my house.

NOT because of covid, but because I had shoulder surgery. I couldn’t drive, bathe myself, or cook for a fairly long time. I was stuck in a restraining arm brace for a solid month. I am finally back at the point of being able to cook small meals and can contort far enough to be able to reach my head to my hand to wash my hair now. Doing everything left-handed has been a challenge since I’m normally right-handed. I am so grateful to my husband and my daughter who helped me do all of those daily-living things that I could not handle myself.
There are so many things that I’ve wanted to do, but truly couldn’t.

One thing i have been doing is watching the news more. I don’t understand the hysteria over Covid at the moment. Maybe someone can explain this to me. We have more cases, yes, but the death rate is dropping like a rock, and we have medicines that we know substantially reduce the effects of the disease.

So it’s like the flu. When have we EVER closed schools, businesses, and attempted to stifle free movement because of the flu?!?

For the people that are advocating for keeping everything closed: Do you plan on doing this EVERY flu season? In the average flu season, where we have flu vaccines, we have an average of 60,000 people die each year in the US. With covid, we’ve had about double that – most of those occurring with no vaccine and before we knew of any effective treatment. Today, with treatments available, the fatality rate would probably be about the same, if not less than the flu. So again I ask, are you planning on trying to shut down schools and businesses EVERY flu season? And hearing people say that protests are okay, but gathering for OTHER reasons is not – well, that’s just plain idiotic. A virus doesn’t care WHY you’re gathering together. But it might be noteworthy to consider that the world didn’t end despite people gathering together – and the death rate is STILL dropping. Oh yeah. we have treatments now.

I’m a huge believer in freedom, as well as independent thinking. If people are elderly and want to isolate from others because of the risk, then fine. Stay home. As for the rest of us, we take risks every day (like driving your vehicle). Diabetes, which is mostly preventable, kills as many people EVERY year as covid did this year. Why is no one screaming that we should shut down all the food processing plants in the US and outlawing candy manufacturers? Car accidents kill 30 thousand people a year. With seatbelt laws, the number has been dropping – the highest number was around 50 thousand, back in the 70’s. Why are people not screaming to outlaw cars? Putting this in perspective, in 2017, gun deaths reached their highest level since 1968 with 39,773 deaths by firearm, of which 23,854 were by suicide and 14,542 were homicides. So with 14 thousand killings, people want to scream about outlawing guns, but with 30 thousand deaths no one utters a peep about cars. With the seasonal flu, no one utters a word, but because we call it by a different name, we have to shut down schools and cripple businesses until they shut down completely. Remember when you couldn’t buy toilet paper? Or you’d go into the grocery store to find all the shelves empty? I promise you that we WILL see this happen again if the hysterics over covid don’t stop.

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