Today is “Divine Mercy Sunday” (the Sunday after Easter). It’s easy to get caught up in fear or anger, particularly in the middle of a pandemic. But let’s hold off on that for now… even if just for a day.

Let’s take some time today to consider mercy in our lives. How have you been granted graces or benefits for which you were undeserving? Has someone been kind to you when you were grumpy? Did you receive a stimulus check? (we don’t actually *deserve* that, it was a gift from the government) Has someone in your life surprised you with a gift? Has someone forgiven you for some wrong you’ve done?

How do you pay that forward? Look around you. How could you be more patient with those in your own households? With your neighbors. Wih your co-workers. If you’re unemployed right now, your former co-workers? How could you reach out to those closest to you? Sometimes a smile or a phone call to show you’re thinking about them is enough to lift someone from despair.

Today, be at peace – and share that love and that peace with others.

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