I’m sure you’re worried about the corona virus… we’ve all been hearing about this non-stop lately. There’s a lot of misinformation, as well as a lot of scary *real* information floating around. I can tell you that this is *not* a time to panic. The reason? Panic never helps *ANY* situation. Only by keeping a cool head can we think well enough to make good decisions. If you want to talk, ***please*** give me a call, and leave a message with your phone number, and we can set up a time to speak. I am considering hosting some “virtual brunch” timeslots, where people can get together and enjoy some nice discussion and camaraderie.

But if you’re feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed, it can be difficult to see a path forward. We can find a path forward together! I’m here for you, and it’s all virtual! so “stay at home” orders won’t stop us from working together! 🙂

in the meantime, be at peace, and don’t over-buy at the grocery store! the supplies will keep coming, and this will all be over before you know it!


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