Every day we have is a gift given to us by God. But have you ever asked yourself, a gift for what purpose???

Today, stop and consider why God has given you this gift. It could be your opportunity to learn more about Him, to grow closer to Him… to consider your life and your relationship with Him. Maybe it’s to experience Him in another person. It could be that He wants you to look around at the world today, and appreciate all the beauty He has created for you to appreciate – from the grandiose blanket of the sky, to the incredible delicacy of the tiniest flower. It could be your opportunity to ponder your relationship with Him, and to examine your life, to see if you’re living in a way that deepens the relationship and draws you closer to Him.

Have you tried listening to Him? Find a quiet spot – even if it’s in your bedroom, or in your car… just sit and consider Him, his perfection, and the immense love He must have for you to create such an incredible world, and do all that He has for you. Consider your response to that love. Make it a point to be His today – his servant… just for today. That whatever He wants of you, whatever love he wants to pour through you, you’ll allow. Maybe you’ll be inspired to help a homeless person, maybe you’ll be generous today when shopping, and let that mother that looks frantic trying to control her children take the spot in front of you at the grocery store line. Maybe you’ll be inspired to call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Maybe you’ll slow down while driving, and just let that other car get around you. Maybe it’s to consider that the hurtful person in your life is crushed by their own sin and misery, and can’t help themselves – and you can make the choice to tell God that you forgive them, (even if you don’t really feel all that forgiving…) and pray for them.

You’ll notice, I didn’t say “go evangelize”. This day was given as a gift to you. It’s a gift of perfect love. Experience that love, and let that love pour through you to others. They were given a gift too!

If you look around today, you just might see God in all the other people around you – that are struggling to just get from one day to the next – just like you.

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