Today’s my brother’s birthday. This got me thinking about some of the comparisons we make of ourselves to others. Have you compared yourself to others and started feeling like you just didn’t measure up? This can be particularly difficult if you have “superstars” in your family or circle of friends. My brother was the handsome, funny, outgoing one of the family… who seemed like he could do no wrong. He died trying to save the lives of over 40 men. Am I really supposed to measure up to that? Could I?

It could be very easy for me to become a neurotic mess thinking that i’ll never be a “hero”, and therefore I’m useless. But that’s not really the truth of the matter. We can all be heroic in our own small ways. Tying into our strengths is where we find our heroism. Heroism comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s that steadfast loving kindness of a parent. Sometimes it’s the loyal support of a spouse, always encouraging. Sometimes it’s that unconditional love and admiration of a child. Sometimes its the willingness to defend someone being unjustly accused. Or sometimes it’s speaking out, even when you suspect that speaking out is going to cost you something, but the issue is worth whatever the cost..

Getting to know yourself, your strengths, your talents, your values — this is how you discover what kind of a hero you are. This is how you begin the journey of becoming your best self.

And if you need help in pinpointing any of the above, feel free to give me a call.

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